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How soon is too soon; Adopting after loss.

I get this question often, usually when a person has lost a beloved pet and wants to adopt but feels guilty wondering if it's too soon. I've had people call the day after they lose their pet, or their pet died years ago. To me, grief is grief and there is no time frame or guideline that one must follow. I don't judge. My goal is to help not hamper.

It's absolutely impossible to replace a beloved pet. As in my blog about kitten loss, I mentioned it's impossible to breed without losing kittens. It's so hard when I can feel the kitten kick in the mother's belly, just to find they passed during the birthing process. Losing a pet that you've had for years, one who has imprinted on your heart, become your family, is painful beyond words or explanation.

There is no kitten that can replace your beloved pet, but a kitten can be a great distraction, a tribute to the pet that was such an important part of your life. It's not in the sense of just keeping yourself busy, but taking custody of a living being, one that needs love, nurturing and care. Holding that new baby just softens the blow and allows you to love again instead of just mourn. It's putting your emotions into something, or someone, and getting feedback. Not only feedback, but love, adoration, affection, and tactile response. I've never had a client that regretted the timing of their kitten adoption, or even the adoption in itself.

I understand that we cannot have the good without the bad.

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