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Meet The Parents

Updated: Jun 10, 2023

All of our cats are family first. We wanted to show you the cats that grace our life.

We have two Kings, Osbaldo and RipVanWrinkle, whom is polydactyl.

We have five ladies, AKA Queens. To perpetuate healthy bloodlines, we keep a daughter from a Queen and retire her (spay her) when her daughter comes of breeding age. We've never had all our ladies pregnant at the same time, carefully planning their mating schedules and frequency of litters. Nature allows for a female cat to breed up to five times in a year, which is horrific and kitten-mill type of behavior. Our ladies breed at most twice yearly, with the following year being limited to one litter. We do not line-breed or inbreed, hence the reason we have two males.

Black Hairless Sphynx Cat
Free Range Sphynx King Osbaldo, Stud Muffin Extraordinaire

Dwelf Sphynx Cat Black
Free Range Sphynx Dwelf Queen Edith

Papa RipVanWrinkle
Free Range Sphynx King RipVanWrinkle, Polydactyl Stud Muffin

Hairless Sphynx Queen Bicolor
Free Range Sphynx Queen Tillamook

Hairless Elf Queen Bicolor
Free Range Sphynx Elf Queen Piper

Each and every Sphynx we've had is unique in personality. The temperament of the breed is affectionate, brilliant, playful, and unique.

Hairless Bambino Female in Calico
Free Range Sphynx Bambino Queen Pixel

Hairless Polydactyl Sphynx Female Blue and White Bicolor
Free Range Sphynx Polydactyl Queen Lina

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