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Updated: Jun 17, 2023

I am not paid or endorsed by any of the below mentioned companies. These are recommendations through trial and error over 25+ years of breeding Sphynx.

I am a litter connoisseur. Name the litter, and I have tried it. I even potty trained my cats to use the toilet. More on that in another post.

Through over 25 years of trial and error, I highly recommend crushed walnut litter, Naturally Fresh brand in particular. They have a few different types. I prefer the Multi-Cat. It is superior to every litter I've used. It clumps, it absorbs urine neutralizing any smell, it's natural, and it's low dust. I can't say it's dust free, however it's a tiny fraction of the dust I'd get off of "low dust" clay litter. Also, the dust it has is dark brown. If you're familiar with clay dust, it's light and makes your home look...dusty. These low volume of dust, combined with it being dark, tends to hide better. I haven't had to dump the litter boxes, instead scooping out the soiled clumps and adding fresh litter as needed. It's not inexpensive, but it lasts 4 times as long.

The soft food my kittens and cats eat
One of Weruva's OMG Oh My Gravy flavors

I used to feed my cats Royal Canin Kitten dry food, leaving it available to the cats 24/7. However, about 10 years ago, Royal Canin changed their protein ratio, and it just didn't sit right with my cats. There was an incredible amount of barfing. I now feed them Purina One Healthy Kitten. It has the same nutritional values as Royal Canin had prior to their formula changing. Then twice a day I give the cats a bit of wet food. I prefer Weruva, soft packets. These packets have recognizable ingredients, and a good moisture content. My cats do not like Weruva's canned food, but that's because they've gotten spoiled with the packets. Weruva is not inexpensive either, but the cats eat it, their skin is good, their digestive systems are healthy, and the love it. I have never had cat or kitten turn their nose up to it. Their favorite is the BFF OMG, Oh My Gravy, in multiple flavors.

My cats and kittens love these!
Hartz Delectables Squeeze Up

Treats! Cats don't need it, but it's great for training or if they need to put on a little weight. Their absolute favorite is Hartz Delectables Squeeze Up, tuna and salmon lickable cat treats. Both my kittens and cats will scarf an entire tube of this puree in one sitting. They're only .5 oz. each. They're not terribly pricey and are loved without hesitation. When we really want some junk food, I feed my guys Friskies Temptations treats. They are crunchy on the outside, and soft on the inside. My cats love all the flavors, except for the shrimp. Be careful not to feed them too many at one time, maxing out at six nuggets, no more than twice a day. Two many can result in diarrhea.

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