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Available Kittens

Our new litter of wee ones born on August 29, 2023


On August 29, 2023 we had an adorable litter of standard Sphynx kittens.  We have one black male, a black and white male and female, and two thermal kittens.  Thermal means they were born white and it will take a year for their coloring to completely bloom.  We're expecting them to end up dark chocolate or dark blue.  These little babies will be ready to head around Thanksgiving! 



Adoption fee is $2500. The deposit to hold is $400, leaving a balance of $2100 at delivery.


Holding deposit is $400. The balance of the adoption fee is due when the kitten heads home.


We accept PayPal to or Venmo to Angela-Orton-1.

  • All kittens come with a written health guarantee against inherited diseases, spayed or neutered, and have received infant vaccinations.

  • We will provide photos and/or videos as available so you can watch your kitten grow.  You’ll be included in their development and milestones.

  • We have created personalized bonding practices so your kitten will know you well before they head home. Your scent will evoke emotions of love, safety, comfort and home.  You're adopting a family member, not just a pet.

  • A goodie bag to go home with that includes soft food, bathing  and grooming supplies, toys and other assorted treasures.

  • It’s hard to wait, but it’s vital that your kitten have the sufficient time to build a healthy immune system. Placing a kitten too young will lead to a lifetime of health issues and poor development.  Kittens go home around 12 weeks of age.

hairless sphynx bambino kitten

We have kittens!

How To Make A Deposit

The deposit is $400 and is refundable until it's applied to the kitten of your choice.

We accept PayPal, or Venmo Angela-Orton-1 (last four of phone number will be 3183).

We need the following information noted in the comment section of the payment method:

  • Legal name

  • Phone number

  • Address

  • Email

  • Description of what you think the perfect kitten would be.  Example:  Female (or male) Sphynx (or Bambino, Elf or Dwelf) solid black (or preferred color), super cuddly personality (or super playful, or a balance of both).  Clients are not limited by these choices, and will be presented with all available kittens.  The personality trait can be tailored on how we raise them.  For a super cuddly kitten, we spend weeks with the kitten tucked in our shirt, held in a pocket, or nuzzled on our chest.  For a more high energy kitten, we spend endless days playing with wand, handheld toys.  Our goal is to not only provide a visually beautiful kitten, but one that has the preferred personality.


After receiving your deposit, with 24 hours we'll email a receipt that will reiterate the deposit process, and how things will unfold.  Then we wait for kittens!


Once the kittens are born, we contact the client via text within the first week.  Many times we'll reach out prior to that time, as long as we can confirm the gender and look for any coloration, which typically shows up the first few days.  Sometimes the kittens are too small to confidently assess their gender.  The kitten can also change color, darkening up or "blooming" within the first year of its life.  The first week gives us a little insight of what color they may be.


Kittens are presented to the clients in the order the deposit was received.  We do our best to only take as many deposits as mirror the number of kittens expected.  Unfortunately, not all kittens survive or are viable.  Once presented with the kittens, clients can choose the kitten they want their deposit applied to.  Once applied, the deposit becomes non-refundable, and is deducted from the total due.  The balance isn't due until the kitten goes home.  The adoption fee will be presented at the time the client is making their selection.


If there aren't any kittens the client is interested in, they have the right roll their deposit over to the next litter, or have their deposit refunded.  To have a deposit refunded, the request must be submitted in writing.  Writing consists of a handwritten note, a typed letter, an email, or text message.  The deposit will be refunded to the same form of payment it was received.  NOTE, some online payment services charge us a fee for receiving the payment.  If the client requests a refund, some payment services, example being Venmo, will not refund the service fee.  Any fees that the payment service does not refunded will be deducted from the amount we are able to refund back to you.  The service fee amount we're currently being charged from Venmo is just under $8 at the time this is being published.  If the fee amount increases, it may be more than $8.  If the client would like to avoid this possibility, they must select the payment option at Venmo that does not incur a service fee.


Once the client has chosen a kitten, a contract will be emailed within 24 hours.  We ask that the client read the contract, let us know if there are any terms they're uncomfortable with, then sign and return it.  Options to return the contract include email, PDF, or photographed/scanned and sent in photo format.  A finalized copy will be provided to the client at the time the kitten goes home.


We do not sell your information.  We don't put you on a mailing list.  All information is solely for the contract and to facilitate communication.  If you ever have questions, we're available to help.

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