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Myths about Grooming

Updated: May 30, 2023

BATHING: If you've researched owning a Sphynx, you've probably read that they need at minimum a bath each week. That's too often and can make the cat dirtier. Just like humans, hairless cats produce oils to keep their skin supple. The oils are very minimal, and don't make the cat feel oily or greasy. The frequency of baths depends on a few factors, the first being their environment. If dusting your home isn't a high priority for you, if you don't wash your bedding often, the cat may tend to pick up more dust and dirt. The humidity level can also create a more sticky cat that's prone to pick up more dirt and dust. A darker cat can require less bathing, as they conceal the dirt. The cat can be a good self-groomer and rarely if ever need a bath. I wash my cats but about once a month. For the light colored cats, or lazy self-groomers, I may need to touch up an area with a wet washcloth, which takes seconds to complete. Sphynx do not require a shower cap to have a bath, just be careful not to get water in their ears. If you allow your Sphynx to play in water, they will become water-babies and thoroughly enjoy it.

EAR CLEANING: Some Sphynx have black oil/grease in their ears, as they don't have hair to absorb those secretions. The cats are pretty good at cleaning their ears, however people such as myself like to have them completely clear. I clean my cats ears about twice a month, doing so while I relax watching TV. I recommend you only clean as far as you can see. Never go deeper into the ear canal than you can see. A simple cotton swab or Q-tip can wipe the wax out of the ear. A blackhead tool can help scoop it away as well. A solution of two parts oil (almond, mineral, or coconut oil) and one part witch hazel creates a good ear cleaner. Shake well then put a couple of drops into the cats ear, rub the ear from the base up, loosening the debris. The grease will liquefy and the cat can shake it out of it's ears, or you can wipe it out with a cotton ball.

NAIL TRIMMING: Trimming the cats nails doesn't need to be a nightmare. I send my buyers home with a small standard nail clipper. When the cat is mellow and/or sleepy, put them on your lap and proceed with confidence. If you clip their nails often and not too far back, it will become a routine and pleasant experience. If you cut their nails too short, it will hurt them and they'll become weary and defensive when it's time for a trim. For the spicier cats, I recommend wrapping them gently in a blanket or towel, freeing one paw at a time. Again, don't clip too far back, speak to them in a soft, encouraging voice, and let them know you're the boss. If your cat is absolutely against nail trims, many groomers, including Petsmart, will trim their nails for a few dollars.

LITTER BOX HABITS: Potty training is something that is completed prior to the kitten heading home. Our kittens are fully litter box trained by the time they're four weeks. They are incredibly intelligent animals and prefer having a designated area to relieve themselves. That being said, if you provide your new kitten with a litter they are not familiar with, they could get litter confusion and not use the litter box. It's important to use their current litter, which can be found on my blog "Recommendations". If you choose to change their litter, do so slowly by blending the two types. If your cat isn't using the litter box, it's time to investigate reasons why. First off, do they have unimpeded access and privacy? For example, if you have other pets that either block or hover while the cat tried to relieve itself, they may be too nervous or cautious and feel it's not a safe place to go. If they've used the box religiously and then stop using it, there could be an extenuating circumstance. It can mean your cats has a bladder infection, there are too many cats using that box, or the box isn't clean enough. I recommend two litter boxes for more than two cats. If you have five or more cats, I'd have three boxes and clean them daily. I recommend against highly scented litter, as a cats sense of smell is over a 1,000 times more sensitive than a humans.

We remain a resource to all of our clients. If you find you're having troubles with any grooming issues, please reach out so we can help fix any problems.

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14 Kas 2023

I proudly provide Sphynx breeding services to the local area, with Sphynx kitten sales so that you can find the right cat to keep you company.


31 May 2023
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Great advice on special grooming tips for these kittens. Thanks!

Angela Orton
Angela Orton
31 May 2023
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Thank you for the kind words. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I'm happy to share my experiences, tips and tricks.

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