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We are a family based cattery in Idaho where our cats are family first. We started breeding Sphynx in 1997 and deliver worldwide from our house to yours. Through improving the health and bloodlines, we’ve expanded our Sphynx lines to include special traits:​

         * Standard Sphynx

         * Elf Sphynx (Curled ears)

        * Bambino (Short legs)

        * Dwelf (Curled ears/short legs)

Polydactyl Feet are available in select bloodlines

Sphynx are beautiful and unique looking, but it’s their affectionate, intelligent and loyal personality that wins everyone over. We stand behind our kittens, offering health guarantees and warrantees. Our kittens come from championship bloodlines, breeding for good health, loving personality, and beauty. Know that adoption is just the first step. We remain available to you for the entire lifetime of your cat for questions, sharing photos or stories of your feline family member.

Feel free to reach out if have questions about Sphynx or our upcoming kittens. The fastest way to reach us is via text. We look forward to hearing from you.

Free Range Sphynx

TICA and CFA Registered Cats

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We now deliver worldwide

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