Free Range Sphynx
Where cats are never caged.  
Free Range Sphynx is a small family run "Cattery".  (For lack
of a better word.)  Our cats are our pets first and foremost.  
Great care is given to only breeding cats that perpetuate the
best traits of the Sphynx,
Bambinos, Elfcats, and Dwelf Cats
including the strongest and fittest.  

We have Grand Champion bloodlines.  
In our hearts, they're all champions.

Please take a moment to sift through our site, learn more
about this incredible breed, and enjoy the view!  

Angela Orton
Cat-Lover since 1975
Located in Surprise, Arizona
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Located in Surprise, Arizona
TICA Registered
Purebred Sphynx
Higher priced doesn't mean better.  References available.
From a smoke-free home, which means healthier cats!

We have babies available!