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Does Color or Pattern Affect Personality?

Have you ever heard that calico cats are spicy, or mackerel are troublemakers? A study using the Interpersonal Adjective Survey, Revised (IAS-R), an alternative to ASPCA's Feline-ality behavior test, has been conducted to see if there's any relation between color and personality.

The study looked at 196 domestic cats in the U.S. identified as black, blue, brown, and sex-linked red or orange of striped or classic tabby pattern as well as solid, solid with white, and pointed, were evaluated for personality traits. The result was no statistical difference based on color or pattern.

I find it an interesting study, as I've had calico and mackerel patterned cats that have lived up to their reputations. There is always a dominant female in my home and when I retire out a dominant female, there is a restructuring in the pecking order amongst the ladies. The calico females seem to have their spicy moments, but they do not vie for the queen position. That tends to go to the tiniest female, regardless of color and pattern. The smaller, the more dominant. I also found that most calico male cats have been significantly bigger in size than solid colored, typically falling into the over-weight range.

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